Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Honey Treatment


Honey is a natural humectant, which means that it holds on to water molecules. This makes it a great moisturizer. Honey hair treatments are great for conditioning hair and adding sheen. Honey is also  rich in potassium, iron, zinc and vitamins B2, B6, B3, vitamin C and etc. All nutrients that aid in hair growth.

The ingredient you’ll need are:
  •  ½ cup honey (more or less depending on hair length)
  • 4 tablespoon olive oil
(Be sure to apply to freshly shampooed hair)

Heat the honey in microwave for 30 seconds. Then mix the honey and the olive oil together. Apply to hair, then cover your head with shower cap for 15-30 minutes. Rinse out with conditioner and style as usual.

**This can also be used as a pre-poo**

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Maintaining the Balance between Protein and Moisture

Protein is what gives your hair its strength and structure. Moisture is what gives your hair elasticity. Hair breakage is the result of being off balance with either moisture or protein. The two component works together to produce a healthier head of hair and promotes hair growth. They are co dependent and neither of the two can work on its own well without the other. Women with relaxed or colored treated hair need more protein than a women with natural hair. Relaxers break down the protein bond in the hair shaft. You first need to know your hair. Reading this or anything from a different hair site wont make you know your hair better than you can. Don't jump to treating your hair and not know what is wrong or what is off balance. The best time to test the hair is when it is in it's wet state.

Test for Moisture
-Hold a single shredded strand and gently pull, if the hair snap instantly you need more moisture
-If it feels rough, brittle, hard or dry you need to add more moisture

Solutions for Needed Moisture
Do a protein treatment. You can either use Eggs, Organic Roots Stimulator Hair Mayo, Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor, etc. If you really need a heavy protein treatment use the Aphogee 2 Step treatment followed with the balancing moisturizer.

Test for Protein
-Hold a single shredded strand and gently pull on both ends to see if your hair stretches like an elastic band and then breaks, then you need more protein
-If your hair feel mushy, and over soft you need more protein

Solution for TOO Much Protein
Do a moisturizing deep conditioner.
Make sure you Moisturize daily

Moisture + Protein= Healthy Hair

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hair update

Mid Back Length
At this point I am very happy with the growth of my hair. Even at 6 months post relaxer, my hair is doing great I dont have any breakage. In no time I will be waist length. Yayy me
Hair Goals
-Thicken my ends
-Trim away my relaxed ends
-Grow out my bangs
-Waist length by 12/2013
-Hip length by 5/2014