Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tips On How To Start Your Hair Journey

1.Start with a fresh trim. Clip any damage ends.

2.Look at the products you are using already. Do your research and find out what ingredient are good for your hair and which ones are bad. For example, check your shampoo and if you see sulfates in it, you can use it as a clarifying shampoo. Don't use products that contain mineral oil or petroleum in it, it will only coat your hair not moisturize it.

3.Deep condition at least once a week.

4.Find the balance between protein and moisture. Protein strengthen the hair, while moisturizing locks in moisture. If  your not protein sensitive you should do protein treatment whenever needed.

5.Keep your hair moisturize. You must moisturize daily with a water base moisturizer and seal it with a light oil.

6.Use a wide tooth comb or a denman brush to detangle your hair. Make sure you start from the bottom and work your way up to the root.

7.At night PLEASE use a satin or silk scarf, pillowcase, or bonnet.

8.Wear protective styles which include high bun, twist out, wigs, braid out, braids, etc. Just make sure your ends are protected.

9.Limit the use of direct heat.

10.Learn the difference between breakage and shredding. Your hair should shed at least 100 strands a day. Also when your hair shed you should see a white bulb at the end, if you don't see the white bulb it mean its breakage.

11.And last but not least you need to start a hair journal. Start taking pictures and start documenting the products your are using in your hair. You will need to go threw a trial and error. You need to see what products work for you and what products don't work for you.

Be Consistence and Be Patient

Good Luck

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