Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Texlaxing 101/ Tips

What is Texlax?

Texlaxing is the process of  purposely under processing the hair in order to loosen the texture of the hair without completely straightening it. Texlaxed hair can allow much of the original texture and curl to remain in the hair while still allowing it to straighten easily to near straightness.

Why Should you Texlax Your Hair?

Texlaxing your hair can be extremely beneficial. For one, by allowing a bit of natural texture to remain in the hair, texlaxing is able to drastically improve the thickness of the hair. No more limp, lifeless bone straight hair. Texlaxing also helps the hair retain its elasticity so that it can resist breakage. Texlaxed hair is a healthier head of hair. It is less damaging to the hair. Texlaxing reduces the number of broken protein and bonds in the hair. This is responsible for the hair's natural strength because less bond breakage means stronger hair. Great for people that are thinking about being natural and don't want to do the big chop. Its also great for people with fine or thin hair.

Tips (1st you need to determine how much texture you want)
-Diluting your relaxer
Downgrading the actual relaxer formula strength, adding extra virgin olive oil to your relaxer formula also decreases the strength of the relaxer. Olive oil reduce this straightening power by making the creme less thick so that the curls are not weighed down and flattened as easily by the relaxer. If you decide to add oil to your relaxer, add a little at a time and check the consistency of your formula. Do not make the formula too runny or soupy, some thickness is desired. Around 1/4 cup of oil works well with a small, single use relaxer tub. Another variation of relaxer dilution can be done with no-lye relaxer formulas where a separate activator must be added to the relaxer creme. Adding only 3/4 or 1/2 of the activator to the formula automatically reduces the relaxers strength.
-Coat you hair with Vaseline or Extra virgin olive oil from root to tip. This should slow down the relaxer from processing the hair.
-When the relaxer is in your hair make sure you skip the smoothing step.
-Try to stretch your relaxer
-Apply the relaxer to the hair and remove it fast (this is what i do)

Very thick (6 mths post relaxer)

Alot of new growth    
Relaxed ends


  1. How long do you leave the relaxer in your hair? Do u use lye or no lye?

    1. I follow the direction on the box and I just do 5 minutes less then time it says on the box. I use no lye relaxer.

  2. How often do you repeat the process every six months or every month?????

    1. I relax my hair every six month or more depending if I'm experiencing a lot breakage. But its usually once a year.

  3. how often do you texlaxed your hair


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