Thursday, May 2, 2013

Over Moisturizing

I just experienced a major set back. I never knew this can happen to me but i experienced over moisture. I was so disappointed after i removed my poetic justice braids. I had no problem detangling my hair after my braids were out. But after i washed my hair it felt too mushy and soft, so i decided to do a quick 2 minute reconstrutor. My hair felt a little better but nothing prepared me for when i had to apply my leave in. My hair was beyond knotted. I just stared at the mirror for a couple of minutes in disbelief. I knew what i had to do but it was late at night and i didn't want to do an intense protein treatment. So i decided to move forward and try to detangle my hair. I was still experiencing some shedding but i expected that i did just have my braids in for a month and three weeks. I had breakage from trying to detangle my hair, but it wasn't much. It took me an hour to detangle my hair, which felt like an eternity. I decided to wear a wig for the rest of the week. I didn't want to do anymore damage to my hair.

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